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Being an artist is not my profession. It is something I love doing on the side as a hobby, as something to help me unwind at night. I am 24 years old and have a degree in psychology. As much as I love studying the mind and behavior of others, I love creating just as much. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved art. As a kid in middle school and highschool, I would make gifts at Christmas time for relatives such as ornaments or a small floral arrangement.

Right now I am focused on polymer clay and scrapbooking. Scrapbooking was introduced to me back in 2005 and only since 2009 have I gotten involved in making charms out of polymer clay. Where the things I make out of clay are available on my Etsy site and local craft shows, scrapbooking is something more personal for me; I don’t sell my work, it is my preservation of my memories. This site, however, provides me a way to give advice and show my style of scrapbooking, which will hopefully inspire you all to start this wonderful craft.

All of this creating and crafting I am doing isn’t inspired by one thing alone. Everything around me is an inspiration. The everyday objects I see get me thinking about how I could recreate it with clay, or the people around me that I love who support and encourage me to keep going. Especially my best friend Jess, the one who introduced me to both of these crafts.

The Etsy sites I come across also serve as an inspiration, especially and Miniature Sweet is a great place to find flexible molds. These molds are a helpful tool when using polymer clay. Aslancrafts makes very detailed beads and will add great touches to jewelry you are making. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of these crafts and in turn learning and growing as an artist myself.


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