Meet the Maker: Alex

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Pandah Star

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Name:  Alex (but do call me Pandah ^__^)

Age: 26 (and still young!)

Craft: Crochet, origami

I am a nurse, a tea lover, a musician, and crafter to name a few. Though not quite a serious artist, I have found a passion and hobby in creating things by hand. It all began when I was introduced to amigurumi (Japanese art of crocheting toys and animals). After crocheting scarves most of my life, I realized the possibilities with crocheting go far beyond and are endless! Who says an apple can’t have eyes or be a paperweight? Who knew cupcakes could wear top hats?After receiving a good response from friends and strangers alike, I set up my own etsy shop on August 2010.

“Curiouser and curiouser…” is often what I find myself thinking whenever I sit down with my craft.  My biggest inspirations are fantasy elements such as Alice in Wonderland, steampunk,  cakes and cupcakes, and most importantly, whimsical things that make people smile and dream. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, but I also suspect I will gain much insight and creative energy from everyone else as well! Cheers misc•makers!


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Whimsical – what does it mean to you?


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