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As I sit here trying to write down something short and sweet about my crafty credentials, I’m amazed at how much I’ve dabbled in over the years. Sewing, sculpting, scrapbooking, wire-wrapping, beading, macramé, painting, crochet, baking, embroidery, metal stamping, photography… I think the bigger question may be what HAVEN’T I tried? While I may have attempted all sorts of crafts, my heart seems drawn to sculpture. Since 2008 I’ve been making miniature charms and trinkets out of polymer clay. Itsy bitsy foods are my specialty, but I’ve also created plenty of whimsical hearts, flowers, animals, and designs.

On paper, I’m a 24 year old high school social studies teacher. Teaching history may not be the most creative of outlets, I love that I have the chance to bring a little life to a subject that’s usually pretty dull. At home I have the chance to let out a little creative steam and through this website, I hope to do a little creative teaching as well!

One of my favorite aspects of running an Etsy shop is when someone comes along looking for a one-of-a-kind custom charm. I love transforming an idea into something tangible. I love when something I’ve made brings a smile to someone’s day. Aside from what I’ve already rambled on about, I also enjoy tea, music, movies, swimming in the ocean, yoga, silliness, and hanging out with my niece and nephew. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet!


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