Scrapbooking: Intro!

So, you look at that pile of photos, movie ticket stubs, dried flowers and think:

“I really want to make a scrapbook, but how do I get started.

What kind of materials and supplies do I need for scrapbooking?”

Is this how you feel? If I didn’t have someone to show me how to get started I would have been in the same boat. Well, for all of you who ask this, I can be that help for you. This blog will tell you the tools and supplies you will need, where you can purchase them, and other creative ways to show off and catalog your most memorable photos.

Luckily, almost everything you would need for a basic can be found at Michaels orA.C. Moore craft stores. The first thing you need is a scrapbook. Most scrapbooks come in two sizes: 12×12 inches, or 8×8 inches. If you have a lot of pictures to document, you will need to get a page refill. (Note: Make sure the refills match the scrapbook you purchase.)

Most times the scrapbook comes with white pages however, that can get boring. You can purchase pages (we suggest 12×12, you’ll be able to fit more on a page!) that are different colors and designs. If I was scrapbooking Christmas, there are many Christmas pages that I could choose from. Construction paper is another useful supply. You can border pictures with the paper to make you page more colorful and creative.

Next step, scissors. Besides regular scissors, specialty scissors will be beneficial. There are many to choose from since they cut the paper or picture different ways- wavy or jagged, ect. These help specialty scissors give the pages of your scrapbook some diversity.

A paper cutter is a very helpful tool also if you have a hard time cutting a straight line. This comes in handy for tons of other projects, too!

Another must-have is glue. The best type to use are glue sticks because they are not messy and they dry clear. I typically use Elmer’s or Craft Bond glue sticks.

Stickers are a big part of scrapbooking. Well in my case it is! There are many to choose from for any occasion, whether you are documenting Christmas, a vacation, a birth, a wedding, ect. You can pretty much bet there are stickers for almost anything! Alphabet stickers make a great addition. You can purchase different colors, sizes, and fonts. It makes a great touch to add a word or a phrase. For example, on a birthday page you can put “Happy Birthday Mom.” There are also stickers that have quotes and thought bubbles with prewritten messages.

Now that you have a few supplies and tools, you can begin your new craft of scrapbooking. These are the basics I recommend for a good start. As you begin getting these supplies and actually start making the pages, you will find yourself incorporating other tools and ways to scrapbook your pictures. It will take some time and practice to get the look you want. When I look at my first scrapbook compared to my latest one, I can tell how I’ve gotten so much better and way more creative! I love this craft because it is a wonderful way to save your most treasured memories. Keep an eye out for future post that will go into more depth on ideas for different occassions you are scrapbooking.



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