What?! National Chocolate Cake Day?!

So, I was going to post something completely different for you today, makers. I felt it would be completely inappropriate, however, if my blurb today was about anything other than chocolate cake.



(Yes, the whole phrase needs to be capitalized.)


Most self-respecting, warm-blooded people I know have a special connection to chocolate cake.
Here are a couple links to some decadent chocolate cake recipes.

(note: All photos and recipes belong to their respective authors.
These were just too delicious looking to keep to myself!)


Mile-High Chocolate Cake

from epicurious.com



Chocolate Clementine Cake

with Hot Chocolate Sauce

from myrecipes.com



Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

from javacupcake.com

(I hope this makes you feel better, Liz!)



Guinness Cake

from designspongeonline.com

(You’re welcome, Pandah!)



No need to thank me… Just save me a slice.

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day :)


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