Thing-A-Day ’11: Day 3

Day Three! I’m actually pretty proud that I’ve made it this far. Usually when it comes to “thing a day” projects I get burnt out or fall behind pretty fast. You know, that thing called life tends to butt in. Luckily this year, I have no life! Hahaha(sigh).

Today I finished up my first attempts at turning one of my original polymer clay pieces into a workable mold so that I can produce my charms a little quicker and with more consistency. Both quality and quantity tackled with this project!

Here is the original sculpting and the mold that resulted.


Not too shabby!

I’ve got a little trick for ya – when working with flexible molds and polymer clay, once you’ve got your clay pressed into the mold, toss it in the freezer for a minute or two. This will cool down the clay so it’s a little more firm and easier to pop out of the mold without deforming your shape. This is especially helpful when you’ve got tiny details or thin pieces to work with.

Here are a couple finished pieces using this mold.


Happy Day Three :)

[link: thing-a-day]


One thought on “Thing-A-Day ’11: Day 3

  1. Hey :-) what’s the mold you use called? I live in Norway and can’t find the mold here. I really hope you can help me. It’s actually not for me, but for my friend, and here’s the link to her blog. She’s really talented, so I hope you’ll take a look :-)

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