What’s Your Motivation?

Over the last couple of weeks I haven’t been feeling well. Not only did I have to miss work, unfortunately it also prevented me from doing any scrapbooking or playing with polymer clay. This got me thinking about how much I miss working on all of my projects. It also led to the realization that my crafts are my way to relax and take any stress away.

So here is a question for all of you makers: Do you find it relaxing to craft? What is your “ritual” when you craft that makes it relaxing?

I have two rituals when it comes to crafting that help relax me. I usually have a night each week when my best friend, and fellow misc*maker, Jessica and I get together and work on our projects together. Not only do we get to work on our crafts, we also just enjoy each other’s company. We each work on our own project and talk about what is going on in our lives. No matter what we talk about when we are crafting I find it relaxing and any stress I have disappears.

When I find myself crafting alone, I have a different way of relaxing. I go up to my room and put on a movie. (It is usually a movie that I have seen a lot which is the only reason I get anything accomplished otherwise I would be watching the movie.) I  listen to the movie and zone in on the work I am doing. Whether it is making something out of clay or scrapbooking my life, it manages to calm me and take all of my stress away.

So you’ve heard my two ways of escaping the hard realities of life for a little while through crafting. Now that I am feeling better, I am looking forward to getting back into the projects I had to put on hold. So, I ask you all again, Do you find it relaxing to craft? What is your crafty relaxation ritual? I encourage you to share your thoughts by commenting here. I’m sure you will be as amazed as will I be to see how many different ways crafts can relax us.



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