Bookmarks Galore and A Giveaway

We can all agree that a good book can transport you to worlds filled with action, adventure, fantasy, romance… No one wants to tarnish their favorite piece of literature by “dog-earring” the pages to keep your place. Sure, you could grab a sticky note or a scrap of paper, but where’s the fun in that? One of my resolutions for 2011 is to read at least one book per month- so far, so good! Gotta do it in style, right?

A quick trip though the super creative blogs and project websites out there will net you a ton of cute and clever bookmark projects. Paper, fabric, ribbon, paperclips… Surely any maker would have plenty of supplies to choose from to make the perfect bookmark.

Don’t keep these all to yourself, though – bookmarks make great gifts for any occasion. Good for teachers, young readers, or your best friend. You can even make custom bookmarks for your next party as favors!

If you’re strapped for ideas, take a look at some neat tutorials I’ve gathered.


Cereal Box Bookmarks by Plum Pudding

Short, sweet, and to the point. Ribbon and repurposed cardboard from your pantry – PERFECT! You could take it a step further and stamp or paint a design/name on the blank side!


Super Scrappy Bookmarks by All Things Crafty

These bookmarks are great for the scrapbook-aholic! Fabric flowers, decorative cardstock, brads, and ribbon, ohhhh la la!

Fabric Bookmarks by Rubies & Pearls

Even if you don’t have a fabric stash on hand, this project is a great way to repurpose an outgrown tee shirt or bandanna! A sewing machine isn’t even necessary – since you’re only sewing a straight line, these could easily made by hand. Great beginner sewing project!

No Slip Bookmark by MaryJanes & Galoshes

Nothing is worse than losing your place in a book. Even the most adorable and fancy bookmark runs the risk of falling out. MJ&G has a fabulous solution! I’ll definitely be making one of these for myself – normally my books end up in my pocketbook and I cannot tell you how often I’ll find my bookmark floating around at the bottom of my bag. This project is great for the reader-on-the-go!


Corner Bookmarks by Whatever Dee Dee Wants

Another quick, cute, and minimally invasive bookmark tutorial. I can definitely seen creating an assembly-line for these to whip up customized party favors or quick holiday gifts!


Japanese Paper Doll Bookmarks by Omiyage

Origami is a touch out of my skill set, but these instructions make this project sound more than possible! Lovely washi paper, simple cuts and a touch of glue – these would make great bookmarks for a birthday party and could be made into decorations by hanging them from a bit of ribbon!


Bow Tie Paper Clips by How About Orange

This project has been floating around the internet recently and I LOVE it! All you need is a bit of scrap fabric (ribbon would probably work, too) and a paperclip! Simple, elegant, feminine, and full of possibilities!


Sunflowers and Strawberries Clips by Frosted Treats

I’ve had a lot of fun making bookmarks that include my miniature charms. I do a lot of reading and I love to have something adorable inside my book when I turn the pages. I’ve also given these as gifts and they do quite well at craft fairs!


Now for the giveaway – to spread a bit of literary lovin’ we are raffling off

a set of Frosted Treats Sunflowers and Strawberries paper clips

and a $15 giftcard! Woo!

To enter, simply comment on this post with the title of your favorite book!

Here are a few chances for additional entries – Just comment again each time you complete one of the entries!

1) Subscribe to misc•makers and keep up on our future posts!

2) Follow misc•makers on Twitter!


There you have it. Our first giveaway!

A winner will be chosen by random number generator in one week – March 21, 2011.

Good Luck!


10 thoughts on “Bookmarks Galore and A Giveaway

  1. Hmm…my favorite book…that’s like picking a favorite song…IMPOSSIBLE. Tonight I will say BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. I read that book at least 20 times when I was a kid…still read it sometimes.

    Amy // artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

  2. Hello, what a wonderful collection of bookmarks, I am especially eager to check out that “no-slip” one. My favorite book: Cat’s Eye, by Margaret Atwood. I am enjoying reading the other commenters’ favorites! :)

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