DIY: Chevron Scrapbook

It took me a while to hop on the chevron-patterned bandwagon. It may be “so five minutes ago,” but I was waiting for hipsters to stop liking it.

While packing up my classroom for the summer, I found an old scrapbook. Like many scrapbooks, it had a hideous cover…


but it wasn’t anything a little paint couldn’t fix. I went with chevron because it is a simple, timeless pattern, and I decided to use a palette I’ve recently become obsessed with: gray-white-yellow.

Step 1: Bury the ugliness under a couple of coats of acrylic paint!

ImageHide the hideousness! Obviously, use a color from your predetermined palette for this first coat… I was very apprehensive and I decided I didn’t like this purple after I measured and penciled the pattern.

Step 2: Start measuring!


I have no idea how to explain how I managed this. If you’re going to attempt to create your own chevron pattern, I recommend this tutorial:

Step 3: Masking tape is your friend!


I used masking tape to create a “stencil” for the first stripes I was going to paint. Painter’s tape is supposed to be the ideal choice but it’s pricey, so if you’re using masking tape, press down well for crisp lines and peel away carefully. Wait for the first stripes to be completely dry before you lay down masking tape over them to paint the next color.

Make sure to apply at least two coats using a foam brush if you have one!

Step 4: Seal the deal!


To keep your paint from chipping, apply two coats of matte varnish. Love that stuff. :)

Done and done!

The scrapbook cover is now hip!



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