Meet the Maker: Jessica

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Frosted Treats

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As I sit here trying to write down something short and sweet about my crafty credentials, I’m amazed at how much I’ve dabbled in over the years. Sewing, sculpting, scrapbooking, wire-wrapping, beading, macramé, painting, crochet, baking, embroidery, metal stamping, photography… I think the bigger question may be what HAVEN’T I tried? While I may have attempted all sorts of crafts, my heart seems drawn to sculpture. Since 2008 I’ve been making miniature charms and trinkets out of polymer clay. Itsy bitsy foods are my specialty, but I’ve also created plenty of whimsical hearts, flowers, animals, and designs.

On paper, I’m a 24 year old high school social studies teacher. Teaching history may not be the most creative of outlets, I love that I have the chance to bring a little life to a subject that’s usually pretty dull. At home I have the chance to let out a little creative steam and through this website, I hope to do a little creative teaching as well!

One of my favorite aspects of running an Etsy shop is when someone comes along looking for a one-of-a-kind custom charm. I love transforming an idea into something tangible. I love when something I’ve made brings a smile to someone’s day. Aside from what I’ve already rambled on about, I also enjoy tea, music, movies, swimming in the ocean, yoga, silliness, and hanging out with my niece and nephew. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet!


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Jack of All Trades: Good thing or Bad thing?




Meet the Maker: Alex

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Pandah Star

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Name:  Alex (but do call me Pandah ^__^)

Age: 26 (and still young!)

Craft: Crochet, origami

I am a nurse, a tea lover, a musician, and crafter to name a few. Though not quite a serious artist, I have found a passion and hobby in creating things by hand. It all began when I was introduced to amigurumi (Japanese art of crocheting toys and animals). After crocheting scarves most of my life, I realized the possibilities with crocheting go far beyond and are endless! Who says an apple can’t have eyes or be a paperweight? Who knew cupcakes could wear top hats?After receiving a good response from friends and strangers alike, I set up my own etsy shop on August 2010.

“Curiouser and curiouser…” is often what I find myself thinking whenever I sit down with my craft.  My biggest inspirations are fantasy elements such as Alice in Wonderland, steampunk,  cakes and cupcakes, and most importantly, whimsical things that make people smile and dream. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, but I also suspect I will gain much insight and creative energy from everyone else as well! Cheers misc•makers!


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Whimsical – what does it mean to you?

Meet the Maker: Elizabeth

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Coffey Shop Charms

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Being an artist is not my profession. It is something I love doing on the side as a hobby, as something to help me unwind at night. I am 24 years old and have a degree in psychology. As much as I love studying the mind and behavior of others, I love creating just as much. As long as I can remember, I’ve loved art. As a kid in middle school and highschool, I would make gifts at Christmas time for relatives such as ornaments or a small floral arrangement.

Right now I am focused on polymer clay and scrapbooking. Scrapbooking was introduced to me back in 2005 and only since 2009 have I gotten involved in making charms out of polymer clay. Where the things I make out of clay are available on my Etsy site and local craft shows, scrapbooking is something more personal for me; I don’t sell my work, it is my preservation of my memories. This site, however, provides me a way to give advice and show my style of scrapbooking, which will hopefully inspire you all to start this wonderful craft.

All of this creating and crafting I am doing isn’t inspired by one thing alone. Everything around me is an inspiration. The everyday objects I see get me thinking about how I could recreate it with clay, or the people around me that I love who support and encourage me to keep going. Especially my best friend Jess, the one who introduced me to both of these crafts.

The Etsy sites I come across also serve as an inspiration, especially and Miniature Sweet is a great place to find flexible molds. These molds are a helpful tool when using polymer clay. Aslancrafts makes very detailed beads and will add great touches to jewelry you are making. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of these crafts and in turn learning and growing as an artist myself.


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Hey Friends! Thanks for stumbling upon this little project.

Here at misc•makers, we fall into what we feel is an under-represented, but wildly creative group of artists. Yes, we are artists. We create stuff, right?  A majority of the people we’ve come across online are of a different demographic than we are. Most are mid-thirties, married with children, and- well- housewives. Our generation is much more “in the closet” when it comes to our crafts. A middle-aged woman is more likely to be open about her love of knitting than a twenty-something single lady. We should be at a bar at this age, not at home decoupaging notebooks, right?!


image by jessica


In our group of friends alone, there is a wealth of creativity and talent that isn’t spoken about until one of us realizes the other is, in fact, a kindred spirit! How many other young people are in the same boat? I’m not talking about the artsy-hipster kids who majored in art and design- I’m talking about those of us who find peace and a break from our day jobs in occupying our hands with creative endeavors.

misc•makers aims to create an online resource for people like us to get more involved and active in the handmade movement. How to open an Etsy shop, how to take great product photos, how to market your crafts, how to get into new and different crafts, how to basically become more self-sufficient and even a little more “green” in an economy that is making it increasingly difficult for our generation to succeed.

We are each experts in something different. From sculpting teensy, tiny cupcakes to soap making to scrapbooks to crochet to sewing and beyond. Get my drift? Together we can build a community, a presence, a collective of young crafters on the side.

For one person, this task is near impossible. For a group of dedicated people with a common goal, this is not only doable, but extremely beneficial to all involved. Who knows where this could go from here?

And I will leave you with some words of Willy Wonka, slightly adapted to fit our purpose.
“We are the Misc. Makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

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